The 170 hour Windfire Yoga Teaching Skills Intensive provides a deep and thorough traning in the art of teaching yoga dynamically.

The Teaching Skills Intensive is only open to those who have completed the Depth Intensive or all five Immersion Modules, or those who are already trained yoga teachers. It takes place in three parts which can be taken together or idividually.

Each Part is based on action and experience, and all theory will relate to and be derived directly from the practical techniques required to teach yoga dynamically: ullola, xandranamaskar and a wide range of classical and adapted yoga postures, including standing postures, forward bends, backbends, rotations, extensions, balances, supine, prone and inverted postures.

Whatever your style of praxis, and whatever you want to teach, you will be shown how to do so more effectively and satisfyingly on the basis of the nature of the human bodimind and its relationship to consciousess. This will take place within a detailed exploration of the art of progressive instruction (Vinyasakrama), upon which all learning, and therefore teaching, depends. The vinyasakrama of the Dynamic Yoga Training Method invites and allows your students to transform body and mind safely, gradually and effortlessly.

PART ONE Presents a soild and immediately applicable foundation for teaching yoga dynamically. You will be taught how to use simple movements (ullola) to put your students safely, deeply and powerfully in touch with their bodies, while re-establishing neuromuscular pathways of integrity.

PART TWO Uses the dynamic and easily accessible flow of Xandranamaskar to sensitise and open the whole body. The emphasis of the training is the sensitisation of the joints and the mobilisation of the muscles.

PARTY THREE Uses the dynamic and more challenging flow of Suryanamaskar to integrate and strengthen. The emphasis of the training is simultaneous activation and integration of the whole body.