A human being is nothing less than a dynamic fractal of active intelligence in continuous enquiry.

Intelligence is what you most deeply are. The full spectrum of human intelligence includes somatic, cognitive and spiritual expressions: the intelligence of the body, the intelligence of mind and the intelligence of consciousness.

Physical sensations are the direct expression of the intelligence of consciousness functioning in and as body and mind. Therefore intelligent movement must be based directly on the sensations being generated by the body.

If movement and action are left to the ambitions and strategies of mind, its anxieties deepen and solidify, and it remains alienated from the body and consciousness. Only by giving mind to the the intelligence of the body can it become grounded, stable and quiet. Then it can eventually become seamlessly integrated into the wisdom of consciousness. Otherwise it will continue to pursue its never ending seeking and strategising.

The end of seeking, by whatever path, comes only when the the intelligence of mind becomes fully grounded in the intelligence of consciousness. The simplest and most accessible way to do this is by way of the physical sensations being generated by the body.