Yoga is not self advancement, self development, self empowerment, self enhancement, or any other form of self indulgence. Yoga, by whatever path or methodology, is always and only Self Enquiry.

The origins of Yoga remain obscure, not only because they are so old, but also because of their initial oral transmission. This means that the dating of written texts cannot reflect the origin of their contents. Any material worth writing down would have existed for generations beforehand in oral form, which itself will have taken time to evolve.

It is to unity rather than union that the word yoga most deeply points. For union implies a separation that though it may be at the heart of our unexamined experience, is not intrinsic to the nature of being human, which is a dynamic expression of the indivisible wholeness of life itself.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the classical time tested source text for yoga. According to Patanjali yoga has eight limbs. Classical Yoga is the application of Yama , within the context of Niyama to establishing the bodimind in effortless stillness (Asana). This stillness naturally infolds from the body to the source of awareness itself through the inner limbs of Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana to Samadhi. This infolding is the natural result of deep enquiry into that which is actually happening in and as your bodimind.

Despite its distorted cultural presentations, yoga is self enquiry, rather than self developement, self improvement or any other from of self indulgence. Its purpose is not to transform us from impurity to purity, from imperfection to perfection, but to clarify the natural purity of innate perfection. This clarification expresses itself as a deep relaxation into the welcome depths of being human in all of its incorrigible imperfectibility. This possibility is obscured by any attempt to impose anything on body, breath or mind.

Shape making is not yoga. Breath control is not yoga. Mind control is not yoga. Yoga as a process is always and only self enquiry. Yoga as a being state results from enquiring fully and unflichingly into the depths of your own experience of being human: self enquiry. This enquiry is not primarily an intellectual one. It is one of being present as deeply as possible to that which is actually happening in and as body, mind and consciousness. As this becomes possible the subtle unities of being human emerge. Within the consciously experienced ground of being human, the indivisible unity (yoga) of life is realised and all separations and divisions being clearly seen through, they lose their power to disturb, but not to be experienced.

Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) is a clear and powerful contemporary expression of yoga posture praxis as somatic self enquiry, wherein movement and action are used to ground the linear intelligence of mind into the holographic intelligence of consciousness, by way of the tangible intelligence of the body. Set clearly within the rich tradition of hatha yoga, it nevertheless provides a revolutionary approach to body, mind and consciousness that allows their nature and perceived relationship to become nourishingly and liberatingly clear. It is a methodology that clearly expresses the nonduality of tantra, within which the body is celebrated as a direct expression of the 'divine', while effortlessly revealing the love and delight at the deep core of our natural presence.