The 19 day, 140 hour Depth Intensive will take you deep into the intelligence of body, mind and consciousness in a gradual, progressive process of deep internalisation and integration.

You will undertake a systematic exploration of postural, breath and awareness techniques practiced, presented and explored in dynamically linked groups that clarify and amplify their functional, structural and energetic relationships. These techniques, which include namaskar, ullola, standing postures, extensions, balances, backbends, forward bends, supine, prone and inverted poses, mobilise and recalibrate the whole bodimind and provide the indispensable, practical basis for the integration of intelligence upon which the deep fruits of yoga depend.

This course constitutes a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis based entirely on action and experience. You will be put deeply in touch with the inherent intelligence upon which creative and effective praxis and teaching must be based. This will provide you with an intimate and practical understanding of body, mind and spirit that allows you to let go of the endless quest for more information, knowledge and experience.

This course is open to anyone ready to clarify in practice the awesome simplicity of the yoga method and directly access the depths and subtelties of human intelligence by way of the body. No prior experience required. It serves as the residential foundation for the Windfire Yoga Teacher Training, as well as providing a profound and potentially liberating intimacy with body, mind and spirit, obvious and subtle.

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