The Dynamic Yoga Training Method has been many years in development, and is still being developed and refined by the deep enquiry of many Dynamic Yoga Teachers.

The ‘community’ of Dynamic Yoga teachers is broad and deep, with a wide range of teaching styles and emphases embodied by teachers who have trained with Godfrey over many years. All have been instructed in teaching yoga dynamically: to use movement to access inner intelligence and prepare body and mind for stillness .

Godfrey recognises four categories of teachers he has trained:

Senior Trainers of the Dynamic Yoga Training Method have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to teaching the Dynamic Yoga Training Method over many years. They are empowered not only to run workshops and courses presenting the Dynamic Yoga Training Method, but also to run Teacher Training Programmes.

Seasoned Teachers are expereinced teachers of many years who have recognised the intelligence of the body as the foremost authority for their teaching. They use sensitivity and softness as the keys to accessing the simplicity and stability of somatic intellgence.

Dynamic Yoga Teachers have been trained to teach dynamicaaly, using movement as the basis of their teaching.

Windfire Certified Teachers have been trained to use movement as the preparation for stillness.