nature, silence, stillness, sanity and fellowship far from the madding crowd

Windfire Yoga Retreats 2018 are taking place in Portugal. Deep in mystical silence three rivers meet far from the hustle and bustle of mankind. Overseen by a vast flock of Golden eagles our new home is as isolated nd quiet as it gets. Here you can bathe in the healing presence of nature, as well as slow moving riverss, while enjoying oragnic and mostly locally grown food. Just being here is to shed layers of tension and stress as the generosities of nature feed you: body, mind and soul. Yoga classes take place on our weatherproof platform, and you will have the delight of your own private geodesic dome nestled in the trees to sleep in.

Accessible by train from Lisbon (2.5 hours to Castel Branco) and Porto (3.5 hours to Castel Branco), you can also drive from Madrid in under four hours. For those arriving at Castel Branco by train there are pickups to the site taking one hour. Please contact us for more details.