excpet for the Teaching Skills Course, all Windfire Courses are self complete and do not require any preparation

IMMERSION COURSE The Dynamic Yoga Immersion Course presents the core praxis flow of the Dynamic Yoga Training Method: Vinyasaxikitsa. It is a methodical, endlessly adaptable, sequencing thread that provides you with the practical keys for deepening your own praxis in response to your ongoing needs and capabilities, whatever they may be.

DEPTH INTENSIVE The Dynamic Yoga Depth Intensive provides a deep, powerful exploration of yoga posture praxis, pranayama and meditation, allowing you to recalibrate body and mind so that they become integrated expressions of the intelligence that you are. It therefore provides the perfect foundation for teaching yoga somatically, as well as your own ongoing self praxis.

SPECIALIST COURSES We occasionally offer other, specialist courses, in various locations including: Somatic Meditation, Pranayama, Tantrayoga, Tantra.