All our specilaised Courses are based on Somatic Awareness practices of movement, stillness and sharing.

Our Somatic Awareness Courses offer a rare opportunity for you to awaken and integrate your spiritual, social, psychological, sexual and biological nature. Our dynamic, interactive courses contextualise the experience of individuality as deeply as possible within the conscious experience of wholeness. They do this by cultivating pathways of love, fearlessness and trust from the body to consciousness, from individuality to wholeness. A refined, step by step journey of somatic intimacy generates a deep, integrated resilience from which the acute biological and social challenges that assail us can be met with courage, compassion and solidarity.

All our courses use three practice modalities to generate a deep, embodied resilience. Somatic Retuning uses movement to develop pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. Somatic Intuning uses stillness to open and deepen these pathways from the body to consciousness. Somatic Attunement uses sharing to extend these pathways of love into relationship.

EMBODIED RESILIENCE TRAINING presents a somatic approach to living peacefully in an unstable world. Its emphasis is on cultivating, deepening and stabilising pathways of love from the body to consciousness. There is a clear emphasis on experiencing the interconnected nature of the relationships that unite every form of life. This allows the stability, security and resilience of your spiritual nature to animate your interactions with a challenging turbulent world.

EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE TRAINING presents a somatic approach to emotional equanimity and stability. It is a specialsed extension of Embodied Resilience Training with a specific focus on developing a deep and ready courage. It does so by teaching you how to absorb and assmilate the intensity of strong emotionss into the stability and clarity of awareness. This will allow you to respond with authenticity and dignity to the multifaceted collapse of our life support systems as human beings.

DEEP RESILIENCE TRAINING presents a sensitive somatic approach to biological vulnerability. It is a specialised Embodied Resilience Training with a specific focus on generating a deep sense of safety through somatic intimacy. It uses the pleasures accessible through movement, breathing and stillness to flow through your body as a reliable source of nourishment and vitality. This generates a deep sense of embodied resilience within which you can meet the world with courage and dignity.

SEXUAL RESILIENCE TRAINING uses sexual desire and pleasure to contextualise the habituated sense of separateness into an embodied experience of otherlessness. Its focus is on assimilating the potency of sexual pleasure and desire into a deeply embodied resilience. At its heart is learning to recognise and honour the significance and fluidity of boundaries, both your own and others. This will allow you to engage others with a resilient sensitivity, openness and honesty. There will be no erotic activity during this training.

ENGAGED RESILIENCE TRAINING presents a somatic approach to relationship, human and otherwise. It uses movement, stillness and sharing to take you deeply into the abundant invulnerability of wholeness, thereby invoking the natural empathy and invulnerability of your spiritual heart. This embodied experience of wholeness will contextualise your sense of separateness within a deeply embodied resilience. You will then be able to engage the world with genuine, embodied compassion, generosity and solidarity.

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