Ongoing teacher training is available for all trained and trainee yoga teachers, from any school.

Our core Tantrayoga and Embodied Resilience Presenter Trainings are complemented by Somatic Meditation & Yoganidra Teacher Training.

This course is designed for any body worker or group facilitator who uses silent stillness to ground, harmonise or relax clients. It is presented by Godfrey Devereux, Olivia Crooks and Joseluis Cabezas.You will be taught the underlying principles for talking people into the nourishing subtleties of their own presence, both seated and lying down.

Included will be short and long scripts for different uses and effects. The teaching will be grounded in a clear, pragmatic understanding of the relationship between mind, body and consciousness. It will be presented in a simple and accessible somatic vocabulary, which you will learn to be able to use yourself.

This course will be a powerful resource for any teacher of yoga, meditation, tantra, relaxation, self-awareness, as well as Counsellors, Coaches and Therapists who use a somatic approach in their work.

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