The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a powerful methodology of Somatic Intimacy , suitable for everyone, no matter your experience, age, strength or flexibility.

Our workshops, courses and retreats all present Somatic Awareness Training. This is a powerful yoga for the 21st Century. Somatic Awareness Training is based directly on the potent simplicity of Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation. It shares and emphasises their commitment to the clear experience and compassionate embodiment of wholeness through three integrated practice frequencies. Each one of these frequencies is dedicated in its own way to profound experiences of safety and belonging: in your body, in your experience, in the world.

Somatic Retuning uses softness and pleasure to cultivate pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It is completely free from any external goal or internal target and so deftly sidesteps the passive agression that secretly accompanies all attempts to improve the form or capacity of the body in any way.

Somatic Intuning uses stillness and relaxation to deepen pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It overtly prioritises the intelligence of the body so that the intelligence of mind can relax and let go into the intelligent presence of consciousness.

Somatic Attunement uses sensitivity and relationship to stabilise pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. It prioritises your ability to feel the subtle so that the sense of independent individuality becomes deeply and securely contextualised within the embodied experience of otherlessness or wholeness.

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