The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a systematic and powerful methodology of somatic self enquiry. It gradually invites a deep intimacy with, acceptance of and trust and delight in life by way of natural intelligence. It is suitable for everyone, no matter your experience, age, strength or flexibility.

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a unique approach to Yoga Posture Praxis. It focusses on the integration of intelligence, rather than the development of skill or power. Rather than emphasising what you can do (in terms of flexibility, alignment, strength or concentration) we emphasises what you can feel.

The basis of the Method is the systematic sensitisation of the joints. This takes place through a flow of simple, safe accessible movements: Xandranamaskar. This systematic sensitisation of the motor joints, simultaneously recalibrates the motor muscles, returning the whole body to its natural functionality. This process is then extended by way of progressive sequences that invite structural integrity deep into the whole body.

This gradual process is guided directly by the intelligence of the body, by way of sensitivity to physical sensations. No beliefs nor ideology are required. Nevertheless by honouring the intelligence of the body, Dynamic Yoga uncovers and establishes all the treasured elements of yoga posture practice: the eight limbs of yoga, the spirals, the bandhas, ujjayi breathing, sushumna etc., while revealing their practical somatic base.