Vinyasakrama is the heart of teaching and learning, through which the impossible becomes possible, the unknown becomes known, without struggle.

The art of Vinyasakrama, or progressive sequentiality, is indispensable to any learning process. Even without the concept, all good teachers uses the art of preparation to allow students to learn easily and quickly. Once the principles of vinyasakrama have been recognised it becomes easy to organise experience and knowledge into effective teaching, so that genuine learning is actually taking place.

When learning takes place primarily through the body the heart of vinyasakrama is 'layered repetition'. It is only by repeating over and over the same movements and actions that the body can learn to do them effortlessly and without continuous direction from the mind. Nevertheless there needs to be progression within this repetition so that each element of the actions and movements can be brought into sharp focus to be assimilated. This leads to the art of progressive instruction, through which the teacher directs attention and effort to different actions and their impacts, so as to develop the singularity of effortless action step by step.

All our courses, modules and intensives embody the art of Vinyasakrama, and learning to apply its principles is at the heart of the Teaching Skills Intensive.