Intimacy depends upon and nurtures a willingness to really feel

Somatic Awareness Training and The Dynamic Yoga Training Method are practical expressions of Somatic Intimacy. They are not an attempt to make anything happen, but an experiential enquiry into the possibility of becoming more intimate with the Spiritual and Existential Wholeness within which your biological separateness functions. This journey into the heart of wholeness flows from separateness, via connectedness, through interconnectedness, by way of boundarylessness into the abundant emptiness of wholeness.

The sensations generated by the intelligence of the body are the compass used within the Somatic Awareness Training of Dynamic Yoga (ttm). It is in becoming intimate with them that wholeness can reveal and express itself as wisdom, compassion and courage. This means that what is important is your willingness to feel, rather than any ability to do. Knowledge and skill fade away into the luminous inclusivity of your ability to feel.

The willingness to feel is what puts you directly in touch with the intelligent presence of consciousness and its innate wisdom, compassion and courage. In becoming intimate with the intelligence of consciousness the challenges of separation and independence are resolved into the indivisibility of wholeness as the intelligence of mind surrenders its need to know into the deeper ability to enjoy.