the secret of intimacy (brahmacharya) is a willingness to feel deeply (ahimsa) and to honestly acknowledge (satya) what is being felt so that mind quietens into the deeper intelligence of consciousness

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is not an attempt to make anything happen, but an enquiry into the possibility of seeing more clearly what is actually happening by looking more deeply at what is apparently happening. Within the somatic process of yoga posture praxis looking most deeply means feeling, and the sensations generated by the intelligence of the body are the compass of Dynamic Yoga (ttm).

By feeling the sensations generated by movement and action as deeply as possible, while inviting the mind to do no more than recognise the implications of those sensations in terms of hardness and softness, pain and pleasure, the intelligence of mind becomes more and more intimate with and responsive to the intelligence of the body. At the same time it also becomes intimate with its own presence, activity and nature.

Eventually this intimacy deepens into the intelligent presence and power of consciousness within which the challenges of separation and independence are resolved into the indivisibility of wholeness from which they had been conjured as the intelligence of mind surrenders its need to know into its deeper ability to enjoy.