YOGA FOR THE 21st Century

Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) is Somatic Awareness Training

We offer classes, workshops, immersions, retreats and teacher trainings in a powerful, somatic approach to yoga posture praxis. Based directly on the intelligence, nature and vulnerabilities of your body, it generates a deep, engaged resilience as a foundation for living your life with courage, compassion and contentment. This approach distills the traditional techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation into a powerful foundation for engaging with the world, rather than an avenue of escape.

This is a complete somatic training methodology that puts you deeply in touch with the Invulnerable Inclusivity of your Spiritual Heart. Based directly on the intelligent nature of the body, it recalibrates body and mind through repetetive systematic movements based on traditional yoga postures. These movements will bring the body gradually to the possibility a deep, stable stillness. Within this stillness the presence, power and implications of your spiritual nature become clear. This simple but powerful methodology takes into account not only your biological vulnerabilities, and social needs, but also your Spiritual Invulnerability, embodied as Your Place of Greater Safety, or Spiritual Heart.

Our full training programme offers a complete methodology of personal transformation and integration. It is available annually at Windfire Retreats . Here you can be taught by Godfrey Devereux and Olivia Crooks within the healing matrix of nature.

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