Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) is based on sensitivity and guided by softness. It allows anyone to unite body, mind and spirit through effortless action. No matter what your age, experience, flexibility or strength it can bring you to a satisfying intimacy with yourself that flowers in a total trust in life.

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is the only complete yoga training methodology. Based directly on the nature of the body, its unique simplicity and power recalibrate body and mind by using systematic movement as the preparation for stillness. These movements have been chosen for their ability to access and integrate all the motor and structural muscles of the body. Their use transforms body and mind towards harmony with spirit, by allowing the intelligence of mind to be guided by the intelligence of the body into the intelligence of consciousness.

The heart of the Method is Xandranamaskar. Based on a flow of 19 symmetrical and two asymmetrical shapes it engages, releases, strengthens and integrates the whole body. This process is then extended by way of a unique Suryanamaskar sequence that invites integrity deep into the body without any need for flexibility, strength, geometrical rules nor struggle. The guiding principles of integrity are then applied to a sequence of progressive practice series, which is infinitely variable and extendable.

The whole process is guided by the intelligence of the body, by way of sensitivity to physical sensations. No beliefs nor ideology are required of, nor involved in, the Method. Nevertheless by honouring the intelligence of the body it uncovers and establishes all the treasured elements of yoga posture practice: the eight limbs of yoga, the spirals , the bandhas, ujjayi breathing, sushumna etc., while revealing their practical somatic base.

Dynamic Yoga is taught in yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga immersions, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world. The complete training methodology is available annually at Windfire Yoga Retreats where you will be taught by Dynamic Yoga Adepts Godfri and Olivia.