Windfire Retreats have been providing life changing and liberating experiences for thousands of people since 1988.


Windfire Retreats have been running annualy since 1988. They have provided many thousands of people with the simple keys to somatic spirituality (Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation).

More recently the emphasis and contextualisation of our courses has changed. No longer focussing exculsively on the internal journey they have become invitations to embodied integration within the world at large.

The world is changing rapidly and we are each facing daunting ecological, political and social challenges. These simultaneous challenges need to be met with a deep, unshake-able resilience if we are not to be overwhelmed. This resilience can only be found within the richness of both our spiritual and social natures. While your biological nature makes you vulnerable, your social and spiritual natures are sources of deep strength.

Based directly on the simplicity and power of Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation our courses will allow you to integrate your biological, social and spiritual natures into an embodied and engaged resilience. This will allow you to participate with courage, dignity, compassion and solidarity in a troubled world. Each course is self complete and so they can be enjoyed in any order.