Seasoned Dynamic Yoga Teachers have demonstrated a commitment to transmiting the Dynamic Yoga Training Method over many years.

Please let us know if you are unable to make contact with any of these teachers.

Louisa Raszyk teaches in Paris, and Australia.

Sergio Teodosio teaches in Paris, South America and Basel.

Sarah Wilde teaches in London and assists in Immersions Trainings.

Jo Kemp teaches in Barcelona, Sitges and Brighton and assists in Immersions Trainings.

John 'Mac' Mcevoy teaches in Northumberland, and here and there.

Natalia Lumbreras teaches in Madrid, and assists in Teacher Trainings.

Antonio Tugores teaches in Mallorca, and throughout Spain.

Anke Mein teaches in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Henrietta Brice-Smith teaches in Jersey.

Colette Oram teaches in Australia.

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