Dynamic Yoga for the 21st Century

Our Embodied Resilience Presenter Training is a Teacher Training for the 21st Century. It has been developed in direct response to the life-support systems collapse we are all now living within. More than simply helping people to find peace within, it also emphasises finding harmony with others and the world as it is in all of its turbulence.

It will teach you how to help people access the courage and strength required to live peacefully in turbulent times. The somatic and experiential nature of the training will allow you and your students to develop a deeply embodied resilience rooted in the invulnerability of your spiritual nature.

These somatic, experiential trainings will allow you to teach Somatic Retuning (sensitisation through movement), Somatic Intuning (deep internalisation of awareness), and Somatic Attunement (empathising with others) as a foundation for you and your students to be able to withstand and engage uncertainty and challenge with courage, dignity and grace.

The somatic techniques taught will be explored individually, and in teaching sequences, so that you can teach them safely and effectively to people of all ages, capabilities and experiences.

The next Training will take place in Italy or Online In August. It begins with the Embodied Resilience Immersion. For those without training in Somatic Intimacy participation in the Deep Resilience Immersion may also be required.

Advanced Presenter Trainings in Deep and Engaged Resilience is by invitation only.

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