Help people to the peace, love and joy they most deeply are by way of the pleasure nature of their body.

Tantrayoga is the fast track to intimacy, love and joy. It easily and quickly accesses the calming, nourishing presence of consciousness as delight (ananda). Sensitive and accessible postural, breathing and meditative practices focus on generating pleasure gradually and gently into the whole body. This allows mind to surrender through the pleasure nature of the body (anandamayakosha) into the pleasure nature of consciousness (satcitananda).

Our Tantrayoga Teacher Training will allow you to teach the power of tantrayoga with clarity and confidence. You will be initiated in the core practices of tantrayoga: postures, mudras, pranayama and meditation. These practices will all be explored individually, and in a variable teaching sequence, so that you can teach them safely and effectively to people of all ages, capabilities and experiences.

The core curriculum is a flow of breath and movement practices that activate the pleasure nature of the body. These are complemented by a spectrum of meditative practices designed to dissolve the sense of separateness into a boundarylessness with others and all life.

It is a somatic, experiential training, within which all contextualising concepts are derived directly from experience. Its key purpose and effect is to provide a deep sexual resilience, as a stable foundation for engaging with life deeply and authentically.

Resilience Presenter Training

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