while sex may be love looking for itself, intimacy is love finding itself

Your sexuality is at the core of your nature. It is the heart of your vulnerability as a biological being. As long as it remains masked and repressed you remain physically, psychologically and emotionally vulnerable. Our approach to human sexuality mirrors and is an extension of our approach to Yoga Posture Praxis, being based directly on the intelligence of the body.

TANTRA courses and workshops use movement, stillness, breathing, gazing and contact to awaken, circulate and assimilate sexual energy into the whole body. At its heart is the cultivation of a willingness to feel as the means to a deep intimacy with self and other. By accessing and enjoying sexual energy in a safe, non-erotic context it becomes possible to integrate sexual energy, desire and pleasure into a conscious, satisfying way of life. Our approach is a specific, step by step journey that allows you to find and enjoy the 'middle way' between indulgence and repression upon which genuine freedom depends. This journey takes place without any overt erotic activity. It is one of a deepening intimacy with the natural currents and tides of sexual energy that allows you to fully embrace your sexual nature without needing to act it out.

SEXUAL RESILIENCE TRAINING provides a safe, calm intelligent context for you to uncover your sexuality. You will be put deeply in touch with your sexual nature through a wide range of somatic practices. They will allow you to assimilate and integrate the full power of your natural sexuality so that it becomes the stable foundation of a psychological and social resilience. You will be taught a spectrum of somatic and sexual awareness practices that allow you to explore and enjoy your sexuality without any risk. At the heart of this process is the recognition that the subtle is more satisfying, nourishing and healing than the intense, and that while sex is love looking for itself, intimacy is love finding itself. Neither nudity nor sexual activity are included in any of these practices, as we will be exploring the deeper energies upon which satisfying sexual activity depends.


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