find your self completely at home in the generous abundance of the universe

Your mind is heavy with unexamined ideas, unsubstantiated beliefs, unchallenged prejudices, unquestioned assumptions. Their presence in your subconscious drives the shape and content of your conscious experience. Only when they have been resolved in the light of your own intelligence can you find your safe place in the Wholeness.

This is not a matter of accepting any concept, belief, dogma or doctrine. It is a question of seeing for yourself the way things are when your prejudices fall away. This can only be done if you are willing to allow your intelligence to flow freely.

Taking place as a dialogue between your subconscious and your conscious mind the Radical Enquiry will invite your cognitive intelligence to flow freely. Unconstrained by the false ideas, beliefs, prejudices and assumptions by which your wisdom, courage and security are habitually obscured you will find a support and security that will deeply undermine your sense of separateness and the anxieties it creates.

The alternating rhythm of The Radical Enquiry between guided meditation and dialogue will allow you to encounter and acknowledge the deep, natural wisdom that lies in your own heart. This will allow you to fulfill your place in the universe with a light and compassionate heart and a kind and generous hand.