The Windfire Immersion Course provides you with the opportunity to establish a clear, potent basis for selpraxis, including paranayama and meditation.

The Windfire Immersion Course
is a 14 day intensive with a one day break between the two parts. It will provide you with a sound, potent basis for self praxis. There are two classes (am 5 hours, pm 2 hours) every day except the first (pm only) and last (am only). The course can be done as a single whole, or in two parts (the Praxis and Self Praxis modules).

The Praxis Module
will present the basics of the yoga method: The Dynamic of Integrity, The Seven Universal Actions, and Xandranamaskar supplemented by standing postures, balances, forward bends, backbends, extensions, rotations and inversions. This module is suitable for anyone .

The Self Praxis Module:
introduces the core flow of Vinyasaxikitsa, which is then developed and modified each day, to provide you with the means to modify and develop your own self praxis. This module is suitable for anyone familar with The Dynamic of Integrity and The Seven Universal Actions.

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